My Way Home Is Through You (Frerard)

My Way Home Is Through You (Frerard)

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Emø Nemø By MrsAnnieBiersack Completed

Frank and Gerard have had their fair share of ups and downs, it was a long road but they made it. They made it to marriage anyway, they thought the bumps and potholes were over.
Now married and both working as teachers at Belleville High, Gerard and Frank are a few years into marriage, everything so blissful and perfect, what could possibly go wrong? Secrets aren't always best kept secret and the truth, well it isn't always what you want to hear. Frank wants everything out in the open, he wants a few tiny things to change, but sometimes removing one tiny pebble makes a landslide. They have kids to look after, careers to hold together and a relationship to keep alive and stable, it's easy.
But when they said, 'til death do us part,' did they really mean it? Or were the millions of 'I love you' shared all just something to say?

SMUT AND TRIGGER WARNINGS! Alcohol abuse, self harm and definite smut.

Cover by @thedeadlypsychic

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  this is the best smut I've read in a long time
They say they that they don't have sex often but it literally every 3-4 chapters
frnkieroxo frnkieroxo Sep 07
Im rereading it but i dont remember this fic have this much error wtf happened?
I think you mean 'his coffee and pancakes certainly seemed to get BATTER every Saturday' I'm sorry I'll let myself out