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Ever heard of food professing love ?  
    Some funny food for thought.
oh my gosh this little story thingy is so adorable that I got to thinking as to what the characters would look like if they were human xD off the drawing board... anyways, fantastic and adorable read :3
So adorable =) Never have I seen a romance about food till now lol I loved it!!! Great imagery, amazing personification, and just the characteristics you give them are awesome =D Loved it before I finished it =)
I love it; it's such an unique idea! Though I must say: how on earth did you manage to come up with this idea?
lol, thats too cute for words, for some reason hearing miss hot sauce say you pamper me silly was my favorite part next to her saying she was swirling in a pool of emotion lol
LMAO i cracked up through the whole thing, very unique and pretty amazing!
This is sooo CUTE! Especially how you describe their emotions as foods or food related... uhmm words >.<
                                    It's 'Slurprizing' :))