Awake My Soul - Ereri

Awake My Soul - Ereri

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Ereri/ Riren/Riven (however you want to say it) High school AU. 

It's Eren's first day at a new school, and it's his chance for a fresh start. He just didn't expect this short, attractive, rich boy to mess it all up for him. 

Cover art is not mine. All the characters belong to attack on titan and we're not created by me. The story is all of my own ideas and writing. 

Thanks for reading! (I know the description sucks but I have no idea what to write here? It's basically your general AU) I promise the story is better than this description oops

    momokitty6 momokitty6 Jun 16
    They are lucky. They have recess and I don't.😝 I wish I still had that
    Neko4342 Neko4342 Jul 21
    I haven't had recess since 6th grade but we do have free time😶oh and on the last day our teachers' actually take us out! I actually just sneek home then with a few friends!😎
    Mugirmuo Mugirmuo May 28
    My parents recently got divorced, and I live with my mom. If my mom remarries, I don't think I'll be able to ever work up the nerve to call him dad.
    Why do they get recess in 10th grade when we stop in 7th!? Wth!
    LexiPlays LexiPlays Jul 11
    I don't call my step dad "dad" I call him by his first name. Its just never been something I'm good at, I call his Stepmother by her first name where as my sister calls her 'Grammy' I just, Idk, it's weird