The Great Stallion (slowupdates)

The Great Stallion (slowupdates)

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WinterWonderland By aurelie_armand1 Updated Oct 17

Isis is a girl with the power to repel all sickness. Her mother, before dying, wanted to name all her children after Greek Gods.

Being from one of the most ancient and mystical family,the Odarys, Isis quickly developed a power. She got it from  her great grand mother, who was a healer. She could take any illness and make it disappear.

Iris, the sister of Isis, was really jealous of her. She was the only girl with light brown hair. All of the Odarys has dark ebony hair.
The peasants thought that she was the moat beautiful daughters of Braxton Odarys.
Mars was the oldest brother of Isis and Iris. He thought that to  
have pure bloodline,he had to marry one of his sisters.

Read my story to find out the rest. 
Hides behind a pillow :
Daenarys dies in there(Sorry Daenarys fans)
Not a spoiler as i did not watch the 2-4 seasons so its going to be exclusively just my imagination after Drogo's kinda 'bewitchment' 

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heyitsmia_ heyitsmia_ Jul 02
Is it bad that I only clicked on this story because I saw Khal Drogo on the cover...
natalia_lewsil0215 natalia_lewsil0215 Jun 24, 2015
I no wat u mean, I was upset wen he died. I can't wait to read