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My Dark Soulmate

My Dark Soulmate

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TheWifu_YouFucked By Psycho_Yandere_ Completed

'The Dark Soulmate,'

'She has always wanted her mate, she wanted to be loved, to never feel alone, she needed someone to take care of her, never getting bores of her, Unfortunately, She was mated to a dark soul, A cold hearted creature, who has a deep history, who's been suffering of something, that was dug deeply into his heart,'

Carly, A seventeen year old, was mated to the strongest alpha, The heartless one, She will have some adventures discovering his history and his old life,

[N.B. I'm going to start the first three chapters talking about Peter's parents, If you want to get in the story faster, You can skip till the fourth chapter, I know the story may sound as A normal werewolf story at the beginning but I promise you it will get excting, Remeber Peter has a very interesting history,

Another important note : Now, you're able to skip the first chapters so you would enjoy the second Book, "The Dying Love." :)

Another typo again or what??!!!... Haha.... Sarcastically...
This is a good story but the grammar needs a little tinkering
shazynejones shazynejones Oct 26, 2015
Idk shall I carry on reading I mean it's a good book but I feel like I've read it before maybe I have but I don't know I feel like I know how it is going to end... War maybe rogues secrets about old life...
                              Coming to think about it I hunk I did read this book. Maybe I'll finish it again idk
jazz626 jazz626 Sep 15, 2015
In the last paragraph, on the 10th line, and the ninth sentence, u had written: The man mobed closer to me...  
                              Its supposed to be: The man moved closer to me. 
                              Just tryin help u out and not trying to be mean or nothing.
badragongirl13 badragongirl13 Aug 25, 2015
Can I give you a hint? It's only meant to help. Don't put the same word at the beginning of a sentence more than three times in a row.
-hamartia -hamartia Jun 23, 2015
I'm sorry I know this is probably a mistake but OH MY GOD!  bread moon