Fading away

Fading away

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kingdom_of_souls By kingdom_of_souls Completed

Canada is dying.

Maybe its for the best though, I mean, who remembered him enough to miss him? Maybe it would end his loneliness and he could start all over, as a different person?

No. He couldn't do that. He doesn't have the heart to just end it like that.

Alfred worried over his brother when he saw him acting wierd and with a mysterious dying country, who knew how his baby brother was taking this. He would help him recover no matter what, thats a promise.

Soon though, he questions it... could he really save him... before its too late?

I saw the description and literally this was my legit reaction, "*deep quick breath* NO! SHUT UP! CANADA IS NOT DYING! I WON'T ALLOW IT! STOP MAKING ME CRY JUST FROM A DESCRIPTION!"
                              "NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NOOOOOOOO!"
RiverHisakawa RiverHisakawa Nov 30, 2016
It's really sad, cause he said dude in order to make it seem like he was fine, but it really just made it obvious that he wasn't fine
Valechan34 Valechan34 Jun 21, 2016
It's TOTALLY obvious he is NOT FINE. I mean, Canada said dude. DUDE.
Qianasma23 Qianasma23 Aug 25, 2016
Let me get this straight you were with France due to some explanation from England
Spaer02 Spaer02 Oct 12, 2016
You'd think at some point, as soon as Germany stood up everyone would just shut up