The Music Box ( Five Nights At Freddy's 2)

The Music Box ( Five Nights At Freddy's 2)

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"Why are you crying?" I asked the white masked monster..

He looked up at me, he had a wide permanent smile on his face, but he still had tears flowing out. It didn't make sense..why would someone smile when they are crying?

"I'm scared.." The masked monster said, with tears still falling out of his black eyes..

"May I ask what you are scared of?"  

Suddenly he stood up, he towered over me to the point I had to lifted my head all the way up just to meet his eyes..

"The dark" he whispered, as if he didn't want anyone to hear him..


A little girl by the name Echo, comes to Freddy's in search for a new friend. She has never been able to talk to kids her age and seems to fear other children. But what happens when she hears a soft little cry in a giant present box?

She might have just found her new best friend, but like all friends he had secrets.. Like how he wants to be best friends with Echo forever, even after death..

You've got kids flying all over the town: Aah! Aah! Aah! ( Left, Right and Centre
What are you doing with TEDDY-KUN?!
                              He is KANATO's my sons!
                              (Please someone understand)
darkeve3 darkeve3 4 days ago
NONONONO don't be in a room by yourself bad idea terrible idea!
The story is now so good and it was funny when Jeremy hit air went with head
This child.....
                              How did she become so smart?!