The Stray |Attack on Titan Fanfiction|

The Stray |Attack on Titan Fanfiction|

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Dakota Robinson By akuma_no_kyohi Completed

Levi is a neko with a very bad attitude and is about the size of a bag of sugar though, he is anything but sweet. He lives with the married couple, Hanji and Erwin, in their large apartment. 

One night, Hanji brings home a neko who was formally a stray, named Eren. Unintentionally, Levi begins to accumulate feelings for the newcomer. 

What events will unfold between the two nekos? Will Levi be able to express his feelings properly or push Eren away?

Unedited, sorry not sorry. ✌️

//October 13, 2015//

Can someone kill me, I'm dying from all the cuteness😁😁😁😁😁
Apparently I've read this before, I don't remember, so I'm reading this again :÷
ShadeyHog ShadeyHog Jun 01
Levi: *while staring at Eren* ... -in his mind- Swiggty Swooty, he has the booty.
I didn't know there was typo till I read the comments and I go back and I'm like hanji licked him😂😂😂😂
Omg one time my friend was like "kill urself" and I was like "I would but I have to get ready to leave for starbucks" bUT I ACCIDENTALLY SAID LUBE INSTEAD OF LEAVE AND MY FRIENDS AND I WOULD NOT STOP LAUGHING
And the award for the most awkward typo of the century goes to:
                              Drum rolls.