Seems Like Royalty

Seems Like Royalty

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Being the president's daughter? Sure.

Having a luxurious and pampered lifestyle? Definitely.

But having an ex-member of the mafia as your bodyguard? Please ask again later.

That is indeed Amber McKinley's reply. Well, who can blame her? Having Blake Watterson as your bodyguard requires hard work, long patience and a whole lot of humor. Not to mention all the kidnappings and hostages that come her way. It really is dangerous. Dangerous to fall. And for Blake, who can blame him? Having a president's daughter as your employer requires resistance to coercion. A bucket-full of resistance. Especially when she seems like royalty.

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kg_nina kg_nina Aug 14, 2017
I used to have braces and one time me and my boyfriend where kissing and my braces hit it's tooth because he pulled me forward then I pulled away cuz I was embarrassed but he just laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world 😂💗 3 years strong
blazingdreamz blazingdreamz Aug 08, 2015
Omg like the movie first daughter! Ayyee I love that movie ! So much and chasing liberty
plmoknqaz plmoknqaz Jul 31, 2015
Damn, I never say this on the first chapter, never, but so far the characters seem... Cute. Most MCs tend to be bitchy (she was actually) and or assholey
- - Sep 10, 2014
Loving the first sentence here!!! The blurb for this looks really good!!! *Adds to reading list right away*
kriticize kriticize Jun 20, 2014
@allforshai omg!!! I'm so sorry! hahahaha! I wrote this when we were still seniors. that's pure coincidence. XD
kriticize kriticize Jun 15, 2014
@iami_muse Thanks! :))) Ditto. Your comment made my first smile for this day! :D