When Things Are Unexpected : WoF Fanfiction

When Things Are Unexpected : WoF Fanfiction

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Entry for @FrostbiteTheFangirl 's WoF Fanfiction competition

I blinked. Everything was blurry. What did just happen? Oh, the branches from the storm knocked me down. Where were my friends? What had happened? Where were we? And I could see clearly, a while after now. I groggily stood up, nearly tripped over one of my friend's dazed body. I held up my right hand. Only that it wasn't a ' hand' anymore. A dark-silver blue webbed talon grinned back at me, bright stripes and patterns gleaming on the palm.

 12-Year Old Hayley Weathers loves dragons. But when she celebrates her 13th birthday with her friends in the woods, an accident happens that can change her life forever. Includes dragons, WoF, and stuff.

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