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l. By raekenbooty Updated Jun 01, 2017

"Stiles, what the hell are you doing?"
"Setting unicorns on fire, what does it look like?"

In which the worlds of Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries collide in the small town of Beacon Hills. New friendships are made, along with new enemies. 

{s4 of tvd + s2 of tw}

WARNING: I made this story when I was 12, and I'm now slowly editing it, so read at your own risk.

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Ewan_Holme Ewan_Holme Nov 05, 2016
Caroline... And Jeremy?.......... Huh, I can get behind that.
Queen_of_Fandomland Queen_of_Fandomland Feb 19, 2017
Those are the worst couples , for starters , I love delena and vampire Elena , I love saroline and Lynda and stiles are just meant to be , other that that its perfect
Fearless257 Fearless257 Aug 29
YESSS BAMON also I have never thought of Caroline and Jeremy dating😂
Ch1o3_N Ch1o3_N Aug 21
I love the whole Bonnie and Damon thing, however, I’m just a massive delena shipper. Sorry.