Kidnapped by Fall Out Boy

Kidnapped by Fall Out Boy

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How would you feel if your favorite band kidnapped you? Happy? Upset? Scared? Angry? Would your mood change when you realize one of the members is your father? Would you still be angry, scared, or upset? Or would you take advantage of this knew found knowledge and have the best life possible. I'm talking about meeting your favorite celebrities, shopping sprees at Hot Topic, free concerts, and having a loving and supportive family. Yeah all that, that's Bliss's life.

I do not own Fall Out Boy or any other band member, celebrity, or YouTuber in this book.

Completed with sequel.

therydenpantaloon therydenpantaloon Aug 07, 2016
I thought this was a fall out boy fan fic. Not a twenty one pilots
Kia_Awesome Kia_Awesome Jan 22
I take it back... That can't be PattyCakes that sounds to rapist like
FolieAPleaseDeux FolieAPleaseDeux Jul 26, 2016
What if this happened to all of us but we just forgot it :P dun dun dun.
IDontNeedFrens IDontNeedFrens Sep 03, 2016
All I remember for running is to breathe in through your nose, out through ur mouth, lean forwards to run faster, and land on the middle of ur feet
Omg if those are your real interests we have to be best friends I swear I live for YouTube , tv, and music and rose are my only interests in life well other than reading