The Tide imagines and preferences

The Tide imagines and preferences

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ConsCupcakeCorini By ConsCupcakeCorini Updated Jun 14, 2016

Nate:You trailed into Costa, feeling slightly depressed due to the incident that had happened at school earlier that day. Two girls, Natasha and Imogen, had tripped you up in the corrider and posted a video of it all over social media. Your ex-boyfriend Darren had seen it too, and had shown all his mates. Imogen and Darren were together now; you swore she did it just to make you jealous - I mean, you'd never got along.

"Can I help you?" The woman behind the till asked. Costa was strangely empty, just one boy with cute blonde hair sitting alone at a table, tapping away on his phone.

"One hot chocolate, medium please," You asked, handing her the money then going to sit down. You couldn't help but stare at the beautiful boy who was sitting alone. Surely he had a girlfriend? Of course he did; he was probably waiting for her to turn up.

"Here's your hot chocolate," The woman smiled at you, placing your drink down on the table infront of you. You replied with a smile, then glanced over at...

AshyBooButt AshyBooButt May 16, 2016
You think if I did this to Connor that he would text me lol?
geek-with-me geek-with-me Jun 17, 2015
oh, and can you pretty please write me an imagine with Drew? my name is Priscilla
geek-with-me geek-with-me Jun 17, 2015
from the vamps, brad. from the tide, drew. the guys are amazing ❤
chansquad chansquad May 10, 2015
Omg i'm going to their concert tomorrow, can this happen to me?!
jetblacklevi jetblacklevi Apr 26, 2015
i'm a levi avd connor girl too  i'm seeing them performing with the vamps in madrid soon 
ConsCupcakeCorini ConsCupcakeCorini Mar 23, 2015
@missestommotomlinson I'm meeting them too I think :) And hopefully sometime today, I've written the other two so I'm putting them up after school and then I can get yours done too :) xx