Yandere! Male x Female! Reader - Guilty

Yandere! Male x Female! Reader - Guilty

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Pocokitty By pocokitty Updated Dec 13, 2016

He was just the boy who sat next to you in class. Nothing more. Nothing less. Everything was okay. Or everything would've been okay. It was supposed to be okay. But this boy wore a mask. 
 A mask that hid his murderous side, his true intentions and his obsessive love for you.

This is an interactive story where you choose what you do next. There are six endings. Choose wisely.

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I like the story so far c: I just hope things don't move to fast in the story
Lumekaga Lumekaga Jan 03
I'm getting the a iphone 1793692388382928 please, it's longer than anything out there also the thinnest.....very GOD DAMN BREAKABLE TOO ⊙{}⊙
EmmsieBear EmmsieBear Jan 29
Again... ITS DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! TAKE THIS! *Whacks master swords handle on Haru's .... Private parts*
shallbonite shallbonite Feb 02
Oh! Can I sign?.....*takes it then breaks it and burns it* all done~,  Poco  can do whatever they feel like putting in their stories! ( I luv ur books btw!)
The fourth wall is broken.....now imma go change my password real quick on Wattpad cause that to creepy for me
I just quit using head and shoulders yesterday...AUTHOR, WHAT SORCERY IS THIS