Madness At Noon {COMPLETED}

Madness At Noon {COMPLETED}

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cleofriskey By cleofriskey Updated Dec 25, 2017

Noon is your average, everyday psychopath who fell in love with her hero. She knows when he tries to kill her, it's just his special way of saying how much he cares. She knows every time he throws her in the insane asylum, it's just his overprotective side wanting to keep her close. She knows when he stabbed her in the heart, it was his declaration of love. 

But the Gentleman is a shy man. He just won't admit his feelings. Noon has tried to coax him out with flowers. She has tried cheesy Hallmark cards. She has tried pushing him in front of a moving train. Nothing has worked.  

Until now. 

On a very special day, Noon throws a very special dinner. The food has been prepared. The decorations have been placed. The guests have been kidnapped. All that's left is to wait for the guest of honor to arrive.

  • death
  • fantasy
  • horror
  • humor
  • love
  • murder
  • obsession
  • psychopath
  • sophisticated
  • superhero
  • supervillian
  • thunderbird
  • villian
animephsyco1000 animephsyco1000 Jul 21, 2017
this is what probably goes thru the jokers head when planning something for Batsy
demigod-ly demigod-ly May 16, 2017
she's crazy but you gotta admit she seems like a great character 😂
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 12, 2017
The obsession, the drama. 
                              *GETS POPCORN AND RUBS HANDS*
animephsyco1000 animephsyco1000 Jul 21, 2017
the dudes had BIG GUNS why not    I DON'T KNOW        PUMP HER WITH LEAD instead of letting her shoot them!!!???
animephsyco1000 animephsyco1000 Jul 21, 2017
yeah man just look at her!!! she knows proper manners and looks like she has her morals in check!!!
OliviaSMZ OliviaSMZ Jul 16, 2017
This is very very good. I enjoyed the first chapter very much.