10 Rules For Hating Your ex-best friend

10 Rules For Hating Your ex-best friend

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10 Rules For Hating Your ex-best friend:

1. Don't speak to him unless completely necessary.
2. Don't ever trust him, with anything.
3. Don't forget what he did to you. 
4. Don't go within a meters radius of him. 
5. Don't be affected by his annoyingly good looks. 
6. Don't stay in the same room as him for any longer than needed. 
7. Don't think about him for too long. 
8. Don't allow his charms to have an affect on you.
9. Don't accept his apologies. (If he ever makes them)
10. And above all, NEVER fall in love with him. 

Daisy and Aaron were the best of friends, ever since they met in preschool. They both had a dream of moving to New York. But what happened when his dream came true, but her's didn't and he broke the unbreakable promise?

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This sounds really good! I'm looking forward to reading it :-)