Living at Downton Abbey

Living at Downton Abbey

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TheUnderButler By TheUnderButler Updated Sep 19, 2015

The Boot Room, Downton Abbey 

Anna was polishing some shoes when she was interrupted by O'Brien. "Are you nearly done with those?" O'Brien asked impatiently. "Yes I am," she replied, handing them to her. Anna was feeling very subdued these days and O'Brien wasn't helping. "How's Mr Bates doing?" asked O'Brien. "As well as you can when you're locked up in a cell. He writes often, and they let me visit," shrugged Anna, trying not to burst into tears. The subject made her uncomfortable and most of all depressed. She loved Bates, but he'd been snatched away from her before their relationship could blossom. 

Edith's bedroom, Downton Abbey 

Sybil was sat on the edge of the bed, reading a letter. "It's from Michael," explained Edith, "that nice chap I met in London. He says he wants to meet you all, but properly this time. I'll ask him to stay." Sybil noticed the way her sister's eyes shone as she said his name. "Do you think he'll pop the question soon? You've been courting for 2 years no...

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