Luna of Rogues

Luna of Rogues

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Rogues don't often play by the rules. Skye is no exception. Born to a pack but raised by rogues, she forms an unlikely bridge between two worlds which have been set on a collision course since the dawn of time.

When betrayal wreaks havoc in her adopted family, Skye finds herself at the forefront of a rebellion. Ensnared by vengeance and hatred, she walks a thin line between good and evil. But toeing the edge of reason has consequences, even for the Luna of Rogues.

With mates lurking, enemies around every corner, and a tangled web of secrets to unravel, Skye and her family face the adventure of their lives to build Last Haven Pack from blood and ashes.

Possible side effects include:
-An extreme case of 'the feels'
-Homicidal thoughts
-Forming unrealistic expectations of siblings and boyfriends

  • alpha
  • breakthemould
  • family
  • feminist
  • love
  • luna
  • mate
  • non-cliche
  • notallareheroes
  • pack
  • rogue
  • shifter
  • soulmate
  • teen
  • werewolf
  • wolf
Baby_Face_Herron04 Baby_Face_Herron04 Sep 18, 2017
I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who thought of Why Don't We when it said Something Different 😂😂
WhySoSrs_Skye WhySoSrs_Skye Dec 18, 2017
Waw in my previous life I fell from d sky into Dion's cave, and I'm a werewolf, nice
SpnSelena79 SpnSelena79 May 19, 2017
Yeah she's a're a bully... Nobody likes bullies, I can make an exception for the thief.
celestialmoonlight celestialmoonlight Oct 04, 2017
oh my gosh, I can't. this name brings back so many memories from acomaf
satkana03 satkana03 Apr 20, 2017
Can I just say, I absolutely love the Story Info/Description. Especially the Side Affects Include part!
Crazynsky Crazynsky Jul 31, 2016
I just started singing that song "Born to be wild in my head" automatically