Loving River

Loving River

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His first memories were of watching his father do business with his 'clients'. Zane's father is rich, powerful, and evil. Everything Zane is determined not to be. After watching his father murder an innocent couple, Zane leaves town to create a life of his own. When circumstances bring him home, he comes face to face with a victim he loved as a child. 

She remembers crouching in the empty pickle barrel in a cellar. Shouting. Her mother pleading for more time. Gun shots. Silence. Then men men began searching. Searching for her.

"Find me that girl." Her nightmare growled. "I have plans for her." Loud suggestive laughter followed his statement.  

From that day forward, River began her life over. Working her job, paying her rent, and avoiding the advances of a man eager to catch her off guard. Life was lonely but it was predictable. Predictable meant safe. 

Then Zane arrived. 

He's determined to win her heart.

She will learn how to love.

*This is a CLEAN HEA historical romance.

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