Her Protector

Her Protector

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"Your skin is so soft." He muttered trailing his lips down my neck. I gulp as his hands grip my small waist. 
He moved his hands down to my bum and put me so I was straddling his hips. My hands lay on his chest as he kissed my face. 
"You are mine Audrey only mine."


This book was published a few years ago when I was younger. I am very well aware about some parts coming off as cringy and I've debated whether or not on leaving them be. I've decided to leave a few parts there as they were a few years ago so I can always come back and see how much I've improved. Please be considerate on what you comment and enjoy the book. I promise it gets better passing the first 3 to 4 chapters.

PG-13 This book is my book. My as in I own it. I'm working hard on this book for it to have a smooth plot and such. If anyone sees this book in other sites please inform me. All Rights Reserved.

shakalawn shakalawn Sep 16
Am I the only one who thinks we are worse in middle school than in high school? At least for me it's like that, I'm in eleventh grade and in high school I feel like we don't really care about each other, there are too much people anyways- you always see new faces (I live in France btw)
JazzyDF JazzyDF 3 days ago
I ended up googling Francesco and watch YouTube he's married with kids and 26 while he still looks 19
Well, big girls cry when their hearts are breaking... 
                              I can't be the only one who thought of Sia, right? :))
C41T_L1N C41T_L1N Aug 28
Almost everyone here is like "thank God I learned spanish" or smth like that while I'm just here reading it but I do know some Spanish so....
fragile_heart52 fragile_heart52 7 days ago
Well it's high school: where people judge you,  people befriend you, pressures you and stresses you :)
Aglowstixk Aglowstixk Aug 31
All you gotta know, honey, is that it ain't like High School Musical