Glamour Paws

Glamour Paws

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Everlastingxx By Everlastingxx Updated Feb 24, 2014

After Ava Saint finding out one of her best friends is her mate, she thought she'd be happy...

That's until he became the nightmare she thought she'd never have. She couldn't take it anymore and made the hardest decision by leaving. Soon after running away she was found by a human woman that helped changed her life completely.

Will Ava adjust to her new celebrity lifestyle? Going down the path of Alcohol, drugs and partying? The most frowned upon ways a she wolf should ever be. Or will her past come back to haunt her and wreck her new found fame... Who knows? Maybe she will even endanger all wolves on earth if she is exposed by paparazzi for what she truly is if she's not careful...

Sex, drugs & howling nights. Enjoy!

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