Learning To Fight | A NaLu Fan Fiction

Learning To Fight | A NaLu Fan Fiction

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✰ fluff queen ✰ By Infinite_Midnight Updated Dec 31, 2017

Lucy Heartfilia - your normal, average, picked on, beat up and bullied teenage girl. Lost in a world of hate, despair and a struggle for power, Lucy does all she can to go unnoticed. Unfortunately for her the queen of the school decides to make Lucy her personal punching bag in both the physical and verbal ways.

Lucy's unwillingness to fight back catches the attention of the intimidating athlete Natsu Dragneel; known for being strong and resilient to anything and anyone. He's never lost a fight to date, and doesn't plan on losing one either. He takes Lucy under his wing, much to her discomfort, and decides he is going to teach her the secrets to fighting back. 

The shy and withdrawn Lucy and the intimidating and arrogant Natsu make an interesting duo - one you can't help but fall in love with.

©2015 @Infinite_Midnight

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('say something, freak') who ya callin freak ?!! Im gonna slap yer face until you realize that your the real freak here !!
JqAOTfan JqAOTfan Feb 26
Ok thats way to far BRUH like if I was Lucy I would just stare straight in the eye but a slap thing is taking waaaayy it tooooo far
cyanglimmer cyanglimmer Aug 22, 2017
I'm so horrible cause I was like who tf is Michelle until I read the comments
cyanglimmer cyanglimmer Aug 22, 2017
Wait.......how he know her size and if it was her clothes how he knew where it was!
Storm856 Storm856 Dec 04, 2017
Did you go boxing? It is SOOO much fun! It hurts but it's fun!
It’s kinda ironic. Cause in the anime she’s the rich one and Natsu was the shocked one. Now it’s the other way around