Save Me or Leave Me (Destiel)

Save Me or Leave Me (Destiel)

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Cassie Wuvs Dean By DestielSmuhtHunter67 Updated Jun 09, 2015

Castiel Novak hates life. His father treats him like shit, he has no friends, people like to bully him, he's a punk, and of course, the guy he has a crush on is the complete opposite of him. Dean Winchester, jock, hottie, and the star of Castiel's wet dreams. 

Castiel doesn't want to live, but when Dean becomes his lab partner, he thinks his life might turn around. 

Warning: This is a sad/feels fic. It has sadness and triggers. It also contains sexuality, drugs, alcohol, violence, and self harm. 

I've never done a sad fic, so I'll try my best to write it well..

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loser494 loser494 2 days ago
I love the fan art so much. But my OCD is telling me to tie his shoes up
DuUudeIdek DuUudeIdek Jun 17, 2017
I've been through so many sad fanfictions that at first, I thought this was some hospital machine where either Dean or Cas were dying, thank god it's just an alarm tho. Let's keep it to being just an alarm.
Kay16Kay Kay16Kay Jan 05, 2017
I like this teach I can just see everyone slouch and say awe
llapaccca llapaccca Aug 03, 2016
because he might be taking a 
                              HAPPY LITTLE PILL
                              sorry I have been listening to too much troye Sivan lately
bethany1010 bethany1010 Oct 13, 2016
Wow that's nice honey. Go through labor yourself and then we'll talk you jerk
ayyyeimhomo ayyyeimhomo Aug 31, 2016
I do some hard work chuck, and it'll be mostly breakin your face