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Kagami Tsukino is starting her first year at Ouran High School, and she has two goals. One: spend her high school life as quietly as possible, and two: avoid the Hitachiin twins at all costs. But Hikaru and Kaoru refuse to leave her alone, and after making a new friend, Kagami ends up having a far different high school experience than she ever could have imagined.

The main pairing in this story is Mori x OC.
This is an OHSHC fanfic. 
I do not own any part of OHSHC

I also do not own any of the pictures I use for the cover art or for the individual chapters

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Resoupe Resoupe Mar 15
Me: Please give my book back. 
                              Twins: Hmm... Nope!
                              Me: *b!tch slaps them* And this is my response. Thank god I left my shotgun at home, I don't wanna clean up blood.
JustinSeagullthe10th JustinSeagullthe10th Nov 17, 2017
Am I looking through a virtual reading mirror??? Cuz I do believe that's me they are talking about.
Resoupe Resoupe Mar 15
And that's how you do it. People want a reaction, so don't give them the pleasure and walk off.
Shadowlark22 Shadowlark22 Sep 17, 2017
Why am I smiling at this? Oh yeah I know why, I love this girl's way of thinking.
I am the secret nerd that is in the back of the class not wanting to be called on but knows the answer
My sister says that wattpad isn’t considered reading because the books are fake. Like bitch wtf.