The Beginning of the End (The Seven Meet the Avengers)

The Beginning of the End (The Seven Meet the Avengers)

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dragons7 By dragons7 Updated Jul 03, 2015

"Who is this kid?" I muttered to Steve. The Captain shrugs, and watches as the teenager goes head to head with Natasha and Clint. The kid seems to concentrate, but he looks almost bored with the two master assassins. 
"Do you think they need help?" Steve asks. "I mean, he looks like he's almost ... beating them."

The ultimate crossover between the Avengers and the Seven. This story happens after the Giant War and Leo came back. Pretend, for the moment, that Calypso is not here because of some unexplained reason. 

Because of his suspicious activities and the fact that he has disappeared every summer for the past five years to someplace even the government hasn't determined, Nick Fury tracks down Percy Jackson and brings him in to SHIELD Headquarters. Or tries to, anyway. The Seven has other ideas....

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My friends when I flip my hair and accidentally slap them in the process
Na7a1ie Na7a1ie Nov 05
Didn't a very confused pizza delivery dude end up on the beach or something 
                              Didn't Percy say it happens from time to time
Team_Moonlark Team_Moonlark 2 days ago
About them being "just freak stroms" but you were right about the other thing
miri_train miri_train Nov 10
Same Leo same. I like to think of myself as a penguin ...... Short,stout, and not aerodynamic
jes12321 jes12321 Oct 23
I’m just imagining a big red button that says
                              “Hill-O-Matic” on it
CinnakinCat CinnakinCat Oct 29
Remember, Thor probably is aware of Annabeth because of Magnus either slipping up or purposely blabbing