The light between two Oceans

The light between two Oceans

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Lswissle By Lswissle Updated May 04, 2015

"Good bye sweetie." My mom said as she watched me put the last box into the u-haul I was currently renting. 

"Mom, I live 30 minutes away from here, you will see me like 20 times a month." I said putting my hands an her shoulders. 

"That's 11 times less." She said starting to choke up. I roll my eyes and pull her into a hug. 

I check my phone and it was about time I began to leave if I wanted to get there around 11:30. 

My father walked out of the house and handed me a small box. "This was your your aunts engagement ring. Now I know you may think I got it from a weird place, but she told me that once you leave the nest or you get hitched, it belongs to you." He said as I opened the small red box. 

My eyes met a beautiful ring with white diamonds creating a small triangle on each side while it was placed on a gold band and in the middle a purple gem. I quickly try it on only to see that it fits, but I take it off, put it back in the box and handed it back to my father. 

"I can't t...