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Two Slytherins. Reader x Draco Malfoy

Two Slytherins. Reader x Draco Malfoy

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Heir of Slytherin By SlytherinSerpentine Completed

The story takes place in 1991, you, Draco, and the golden trio at your first year. Here's just a little stuff you should know.

You're a pureblood girl and you only have your older brother, Axel. Unfortunatley he is a muggle since he was adopted, but he has always been older than you and is in college so he takes care of you easily. Your last name is Curseblood, and your family is a mix of mostly Ravenclaw and few Slytherin. You mainly try to keep your cool, even if it's difficult because strange things happen around you when you get angry. Usually wind will swirl, candles will flicker, (sometimes go out) and some books will fall off shelves. If you're too angry all candles will go out, fire in fireplaces will either get bigger, change color, or both, animals will panic, and wind is stronger. You'll find out your pet, wand, and other stuff eventually in the chapter of Diagon Alley.

(y/n) = Your name. (first)
(f/c) = Your favorite color
(h/c) = Your hair color
(e/c) = Your eye color

Uriel Curseblood 
                              Tree house near their Big house #69 sin street at sin world XD
Lazyrainbowpug Lazyrainbowpug 4 days ago
Axel is my friends name!  He'll think he's in this story now!  Lol....
MirraShards MirraShards Feb 04
                              Deep dark redish purple
                              Curly light brown hair
                              Silver (hazel and brown)
sweetnessofpoison sweetnessofpoison Dec 10, 2016
Sabrina Curseblood sounds cool! 
                              I actually have a friend named Landon. He is crazy oml.
Hmmm golden nuts......poor guy that has to carry those around. Gold is heavy
d3ad_inside d3ad_inside Feb 21
The two person above the person above me has the same names ._.