A Rejected Princess (Completed)

A Rejected Princess (Completed)

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A.J. By Mys_AJ Completed

"I, Alpha Asher Reed, reject you as my mate and Luna" he didn't blink. He didn't show a spark of remorse. He just walked away.
Asher Reed. The 19-year old alpha. Like his name states, he is lucky. Lucky that the Moon Goddess blessed him with a kind, caring mate. But he rejects her. He rejected a Princess.
Genevieve (Eve) Burke. Princess of the werewolves. At 18 years old, she is preparing to rule the werewolves as their queen. But she needs a king. Another ruler. Her mate.

Can Eve survive without her mate?


WARNING: Book contains violence and a lot of strong language

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Allura_08 Allura_08 Oct 30
And some kind 36 year old lady adopted me and my twin last week
coral538 coral538 4 days ago
Ryan is me I can see him being like...guys...guys😑 really...u didn't get that🙃
I just realized that sunblock is called sunblock because it's blocking the sun
Lils04 Lils04 Nov 09
Ohhhhhhhh boi, didn’t you read the description to your own story?  If you don’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you girl.
                              *Grabs another Oreo from the packet*
BaeFlower116 BaeFlower116 6 days ago
I love that show and I just am in love with Spencer 😍😍
We times when I'm in the living room walking to my room my dad will raise his hand and give me a high five... That's how my dad shows affection...and if I'm lucky he'll give me a fist bump