A Rejected Princess (Completed)

A Rejected Princess (Completed)

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A.J. By Mys_AJ Completed

"I, Alpha Asher Reed, reject you as my mate and Luna" he didn't blink. He didn't show a spark of remorse. He just walked away.
Asher Reed. The 19-year old alpha. Like his name states, he is lucky. Lucky that the Moon Goddess blessed him with a kind, caring mate. But he rejects her. He rejected a Princess.
Genevieve (Eve) Burke. Princess of the werewolves. At 18 years old, she is preparing to rule the werewolves as their queen. But she needs a king. Another ruler. Her mate.

Can Eve survive without her mate?


WARNING: Book contains violence and a lot of strong language

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opaque_love opaque_love Feb 10
Every time I see this name, I think of the dog from Madeline 😂
elf anyone? the spaghetti and the poptarts and the syrup... okay I'll shut up now
jessicaatam jessicaatam Mar 08
the description of it is so perfect to make anyones heart melt aw😍
That is a long name so her nickname is Gen that is what i'm going to call her
zeki_er zeki_er Feb 12
Goshh~~ they're the definition of perfect and happy family 😭😭
you should have pulled out the chair at the last moment like “on the floor beside the birthday girl”