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A Rejected Princess (Completed)

A Rejected Princess (Completed)

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A.J. By Mys_AJ Completed

"I, Alpha Asher Reed, reject you as my mate and Luna" he didn't blink. He didn't show a spark of remorse. He just walked away.
Asher Reed. The 19-year old alpha. Like his name states, he is lucky. Lucky that the Moon Goddess blessed him with a kind, caring mate. But he rejects her. He rejected a Princess.
Genevieve (Eve) Burke. Princess of the werewolves. At 18 years old, she is preparing to rule the werewolves as their queen. But she needs a king. Another ruler. Her mate.

Can Eve survive without her mate?


WARNING: Book contains violence and a lot of strong language

LameWeirdo LameWeirdo May 15
Funny cuz I thought she got 
                                          R E J E C T E D
                                when she found her mate
How do you pronounce her name? 😂 lol I'm hopeless when it comes to pronouncing stuff
I have a question if he is alpha what does that make eves dad cuz eves mom is queen so is her dad alpha king
I know what you mean by lasting family rarely has time together but when we do I wish it lasted forever
KhaoticMess KhaoticMess May 20
Really Ryan... Really. Dad's are absolutely pathetic when it comes to naming children. My dad named me Joanna and I don't like it. I wished my mum had named me because she would have called me Hope.
Her name makes me think about merlin and I start to smile uncontrollably