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Creepypasta lemons & oneshots

Creepypasta lemons & oneshots

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Fazshioice By fazshionice Completed

Used to be a jeff x reader, but i turned it into a Lemon/one-shot book. Feel free to request, vote, and comment!

Once someone told me I was a freak and a psycho because I have a crush on a few creepy pastas. I got her expelled. Cuz I know something about her.
Lol every1 sees cp different xD jeff for example 
                              My dad sees him creepy and scarey 
                              My friends see the real him
                              I see him hot 
                              Normla ppl see him fricken creepy and has nightmares for the rest of their lives
Lol i like how its like JEFF THE KILLER 😍😍 then ur like
                              And hoodie....
y is it that every time i end up read jtk fanfics he always says like love or  something like hes formal but jot formal if ya know wut i mean?
I like to tease my friend about her obsession over Draco Malfoy and i call him a blond little lesbian, but then she yells "YOUR THE ONE WHOS IN LOVE WITH A FICTIONAL PSYCHOPATH" so i say were even
DatOTPgirl DatOTPgirl Apr 02
Book: and meet other pasta's
                              Me: oh now I'm hungry
                              Random person: it's not that type of pasta
                              Me: I KNOW BAKA but I wish it was!