Adopted By Jacksepticeye

Adopted By Jacksepticeye

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Abbey Keith By ttylxabbey Updated Aug 08, 2016

This might be a longer story than I expected...

I'm Alaska. I've always been alone. Either that or with someone I hate. The only person I looked up to was Jacksepticeye (and his friends, duh) He was always positive and prepared. To bad I would never get to meet him. I live in an orphanage that I've lived in for 6 years. I've had thousands of interviews and no one likes me. Not until one day someone special to my heart walks into the orphanage and chose me...


tiffymonn tiffymonn Apr 18
At first I was like 'Who Jack' because I thought this was a Josh Dun fanfic Opps
Awe i dont really like when authors pic the name but...whatever
edgywatson edgywatson Feb 20, 2016
Let's all take the time to appreciate how boss that cover is. I meam come on, it's awesome! :D
ProSmolBean ProSmolBean Jan 27
I just made my first ever story thingy yesterday, please go check it out :)
thehider1234567 thehider1234567 Mar 23, 2015
Cool book so far I read a lot of jacksepticeye adoption books lol
AliveBoyStanding1039 AliveBoyStanding1039 Mar 09, 2015
XD I saw "and I have a passion for fashion" And I new 1. This will be a good book 2. umm.... rhymes? I guess and 3. there is no three. only 2. and, uh, 1. also purple. and black.