Adopted By Jacksepticeye

Adopted By Jacksepticeye

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Abbey Keith By ttylxabbey Updated Aug 08, 2016

This might be a longer story than I expected...

I'm Alaska. I've always been alone. Either that or with someone I hate. The only person I looked up to was Jacksepticeye (and his friends, duh) He was always positive and prepared. To bad I would never get to meet him. I live in an orphanage that I've lived in for 6 years. I've had thousands of interviews and no one likes me. Not until one day someone special to my heart walks into the orphanage and chose me...


PeachezAngel PeachezAngel Aug 14, 2016
I wear all black to show people what the color of my soul is...
edgywatson edgywatson Feb 20, 2016
Let's all take the time to appreciate how boss that cover is. I meam come on, it's awesome! :D
madisonmazziotti madisonmazziotti Dec 12, 2016
When I first read that I immediately assumed tampons and don't know why
SeniorFluffy123 SeniorFluffy123 Mar 23, 2015
Cool book so far I read a lot of jacksepticeye adoption books lol
billiejoeslildoggo billiejoeslildoggo Mar 09, 2015
XD I saw "and I have a passion for fashion" And I new 1. This will be a good book 2. umm.... rhymes? I guess and 3. there is no three. only 2. and, uh, 1. also purple. and black.