Cold Loneliness ~ A Teenage Poem

Cold Loneliness ~ A Teenage Poem

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ER Pierce By ERPierce Updated Dec 14, 2012

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I've been working on a book called, My Big Fat Book of Teenage Poetry. It's a collection of all my thoughts and feelings from my angsty teenage years. Like many teens, I suffered from Anorexia, struggled with control issues, moved and cried. I had my heart broken, smiled, laughed, but mostly I felt lost and lonely.

I wrote this piece when I was 16. It's dated 7/26/1998 (My 17th birthday was on August 24)

Cold Loneliness:

Such a feeling,

A bittersweet loneliness.

Cold am I,

How cruel the deception

Of these passing days of contentment.

Such feelings running through me

My blood soon to boil.

Why am I the way I am,

such a mask of real identity.

Inside a scared little girl,

Outside a maturing adult.

This world, this world of endless lies,

this world, this world of sad goodbyes.

Soothing my pain, by holding inside,

all of the fears,

I carry, I must bide.

Changing fast, a heartless reality,

Such a feeling,

My revenge such a bitch.

Yearning fo...