The Elites

The Elites

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Katie Warren By KatJWarren Completed

Harry Eastbourne was the golden boy of The Elites Agency. As a special Agent with the fame of a reality star, Harry found himself thrust into the spotlight overnight, the pressure of becoming the best of the best a tumultuous weight on his shoulders. 

The problem with reality stars is that most of them crash and burn.

While having the talent and intelligence to live up to his expectations as an Elite Agent, his personal struggles started to get the better of him. Wrecking his relationships with all those close to him with spectacular fashion, including the love of his life, as well as wrecking his body in the process, Harry found himself amidst scandals large enough to unofficially exile him from England, seeking a quieter professional career overseas.

But when Harry finally returns to the English scene four years later, his past returns to haunt him with a vengeance. With personal and professional failures ready to take the lives of the entire Agency and anyone associated with it, it's down to Harry to fix the problems he caused back when he was a troubled man.

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Rinkou Rinkou Jun 02, 2017
That's...the worst name you could possibly choose for a pet pug.
judyAfloat judyAfloat Nov 05, 2015
If chapter 1 is anything to go by, I'm going to get to work so I can get my own five pages done in my WIP so I can get back to this.  You've already got me intrigued. Who are these people? What have they done to each other? Why? And where does it go from here?
MarkAnthonyBechayda MarkAnthonyBechayda Jun 25, 2015
I read all that and nothing happened. Just a lot of info dump.
withinapearl withinapearl Jun 19, 2015
The summary is stunning and captivating. Im intrigued. Cant wake to read the rest of the novel. Only one can hope it is as good as this summary.
oboewankanoboe oboewankanoboe Jun 14, 2015
I love it, but I wish there was more to read. I like how it kept mentioning what happened but not actually telling what happened, I also like how it kept leaving clues about the bad thing that happened between him and Lara 
sboobie sboobie May 27, 2015
I like how it's slowly giving information about the different characters and insight on what happened in the pass.