Deadly Love (Teacher/Student)

Deadly Love (Teacher/Student)

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Hallie By sinningstylesx Completed

I scoot impossibly closer to him on his lap, feeling his bulge dig into my thigh. "God," I whimper as he kisses behind my ear, resting his hands on my butt.

"No, baby. It's just me," he whispers and trails his lips diagonally down to my mouth, keeping them there for some time.

He disconnects our lips slowly, letting them linger together for as long as possible. "You're so beautiful," he exhales, placing a light kiss on my cheek with his swollen lips.

I attempt to move my lips back to his, but halt when I hear three rhythmic knocks against the door.

DreamGirl_x DreamGirl_x Jan 04
I am wearing them now. I really like them so I don't care about the opinions of others 😂 and If you have cold feet.. don't bother knocking on my door.
lotty_lebeau lotty_lebeau Nov 30, 2015
I'm back oml I'm gonna have to read this all over again because I have so many stories whizzing around my brain
rbarton126 rbarton126 Oct 16, 2015
very well written prologue. it got me hooked to continue reading tbh
- - May 02, 2015
Oh God. I hope he's not the type of lover that shows "love" by hurting her...
HalfxMess HalfxMess Apr 18, 2015
I just read your message to me, I'll give your book a try since I am VERY into forbidden love. ;) (So sexxxy)
-rockyroads -rockyroads Mar 29, 2015
Absolutely breathtaking, amazing, and it has a lot of details for the first part of the story. Good job! x