Zedler, M.D. // Daryl Dixon

Zedler, M.D. // Daryl Dixon

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Bailey By xBaileyxAnnx Updated Aug 03, 2018

Beatrix and Daryl had never met before. In fact, they lived two completely different lives.

Beatrix lived in the city, right beside of the hospital, which is where she spent most of her time. Her favorite thing to do at work-besides work, of course-was to talk to her patients and the nurses. She had never been in trouble a day in her life. She had a perfect record, not even being stained with as little as a speeding ticket. 

 Daryl lived in a secluded cabin, at least three miles away from any civilization. The only time he ever talked to anybody was when he was forced to at work. He was constantly in and out of jail, mostly taking the blame for his older brother, but nobody knew that except for him. He destroyed the name Dixon. 

You couldn't have picked two people that were more different. 

What happens when the apocalypse brings them together? Will they ever be able to be together? Or will the apocalypse destroy them, just like everything else?

Disclaimer: I do not own The Walking Dead or any characters/idea from the show. 

AMAZING cover by: @krisk-

I HAVEN'T EDITED THIS YET BUT I'M GOING TO START SOON I PROMISE. Bear with me please until I can sit down and get some editing done!! I'm a just a college kid with hella hard classes and not enough time. Ps thanks for checking out my story!! :)

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hodhod2011danger hodhod2011danger Mar 02, 2018
This Rick is ungreatefull, if season 3+ rick met him, he'd be ashamed 😂
zarieon zarieon Mar 15, 2018
Is she wearing her badass makeup 🤔 cause girl looks bomb af but maybe Rick's like wtf is going on...
hakuun hakuun Jan 20, 2018
Bro this oc is so legit like shes not a self-proclaimed badass or anything ridiculous and she has flaws and passions and im in l o v e
EmmaLove0407 EmmaLove0407 Jun 04, 2018
I love her already. Almost squealed out loud when I saw how many chapters there were. Held back because I'm on a bus 😂
mycrazyfandom mycrazyfandom Jan 12, 2018
Foreshadowing to season 2, where Carl got shot??? 😕😕😕
Wondy__ Wondy__ Jan 11, 2018
The damned medical stuff! Will this turn out like what happened with the gun bag?