The Avengers Imagines (Completed)

The Avengers Imagines (Completed)

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Missy By Lil-Miss-Mischief Completed

Missy's the name and welcome to my Avengers Imagines book! I'm not continuing this book so please, no requests. But enjoy the published chapters anyway!


Keep the Peace, Spread the Love, Stop Hate.

~Miss M


*There may be some bad language in this book. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
*I do not own the characters. All rights to Marvel.
*I do not own the pictures/videos in this book. All rights to their true creators.

foxface9000 foxface9000 Aug 18, 2016
Hm, little bit of Spanish on my grandmas side, pretty recent German, and some full blood American from my grandpas side. I've got some creative ways to mess you up
Charliisaurus Charliisaurus Aug 15, 2016
I'd love to express my nationality but I'm British so all I can think of is "I have burning hot tea" so... Yeah
                              (I am American, but I am not an idjit.)
marvelfanatics marvelfanatics Sep 17, 2016
I am English and part Australian. So I will shoot you dead then barbecue you while sitting on the porch drinking tea and eating scones.
fandomsinabookshelf fandomsinabookshelf Sep 18, 2016
Austrian. Well, I don't know there isn't a stereotypical Austrian. Or I don't know any stereotypes about Austria.
DanMyBebe678 DanMyBebe678 Nov 03, 2016
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