Night life (A Nightwing and original character Fanfiction)

Night life (A Nightwing and original character Fanfiction)

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Emma Tyson is new to Gotham and ready for the worst of the worst. Meeting her father. 

But when in Gotham why not make the best of it and help your hero? 

She's smart and a fast thinker that can hack a system like nobody's business. 
But her Hero thinks she's a zero and wants her to be safe on the sidelines. 

She ends up meeting Nightwing and gets him to train her to fight, the only thing she doesn't expect is the way her heart pounds when she's with him. 

Could she be falling for her mentor or is it just all the exercise?

(This is a Fanfiction!! I do not own Nightwing, Batman, Robin or any other DC characters that are in this book, I only own the people I have made up like the main character Emma.) 

((Disclaimer I do not own any pictures used in this book that includes the art I used for the cover.))

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Zac_Dixion_ Zac_Dixion_ May 13
I'm reading this book for the second time that's how good it is
GRUNKLE STAN!!!!! I love u all!!' I found my type of people!!! 😝😝😝😂😂😂
IrisRoxx IrisRoxx Jun 21
Is it just me or are beds a pain in the äss at night and heaven on earth in the morning, and sometimes heaven on earth morning noon and night depending on how your feeling
                              The comfort chameleon - beds
                              The comfort they have to offer depends on you emotion at which you lay in them
Ummm, sorry if this is a little straight forward but... he left u and adopted 3 kids... oh and u have a half brother.
fangirlgem fangirlgem Dec 23, 2016
I've seen two of my fandoms in the comments of this so far lol