Sunglasses 》h.s.

Sunglasses 》h.s.

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gold By sirtwerkalot Updated Nov 15

"Why do you wear those sunglasses every day?"

"Maybe I like them."

"But we're inside."

"Go bother someone else."

☆ not a vampire/werewolf story ☆

The cast list is golden. And I'm gonna look over the fact that this is a h.s. ff cause I actually think this is gonna be interesting.
'Ray Ban Spray Tan'' - the phrase cracked me up so much LOL. love this already! x
swaronian swaronian Aug 02
frst off....... the cast is fabulouis...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive never seen a cast half as good as this one this one is epic..!!!!!!!!!!
swaronian swaronian Aug 02
Yup that sound is of my heart crashing crushing churning thrashing squeezing burning melting
isuhbelah isuhbelah Oct 03
I have the little mermaid ones and my boyfriend once said "this better not be salty girl" i died laughing ok
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