Dance Lessons - Scorose

Dance Lessons - Scorose

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Scorpius has been in love with Rose for years but when she needs dance lessons for the upcoming Yule Ball, is it his chance to tell her how he feels? And how do his actions change their lives five years on?

**The majority of this story (Chapters 1-46, out of a full 55) was written before the Cursed Child was released - there are no spoilers for it, and any similarities are purely coincidental**

 A Rose/Scorpius fanfiction, that also includes Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Albus/Alice.
All the characters belong to JK Rowling.

Cover designed by the talented @misshermione212

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Red_Pandi Red_Pandi Apr 01
Feel you. . . least you're not getting shipped together. . . wait. . . never mind 😈
Darth_Veedy Darth_Veedy Aug 08, 2017
Seriously man! I'm stuck giving piggy back rides to six year olds and you get a cute girl! Life ain't fair!
-youngblooq -youngblooq Jan 24
it’s so hard to find good scorose fanfictions becuase everyone ships scorbus now so i’m really glad i found this
ROTJ21871983 ROTJ21871983 Jan 12, 2017
This is beautiful 😂😂😂😂 I mean the best part of the whole story which signifies idk what actually- trying to make a joke here XDDDDDDD
KickButtHufflepuff KickButtHufflepuff Oct 04, 2016
When u trying to b cool but ur having a heart attack on the inside because you get to  spend the day with ur crush
NeedingSomeTrueLove NeedingSomeTrueLove Jun 08, 2016
So cute! Piggy back rides are perfect to start a relationship 'wink' 'wink' 😉😉