Babysitting The Badboy's Little Sister ✔

Babysitting The Badboy's Little Sister ✔

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Catherine is a beautiful 18-year-old girl, who lives in L.A. Her parents died in a car accident so now she is in charge of her two younger twin brothers. She attends St. Bernald High School, she works at an ice-cream parlor and also babysits friends' children. 
Tyler is a 18-year-old bad boy. He is a player and he likes messing up with girls, but what is going to happen when he founds about Catherine's hard life? Will he change and help her or he'll be his old badass self and make her life even harder?

*⚠ WARNING: Some people say it's cliché and kinda fast paced. Don't say I didn't warn you!*

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Cover by @skittlesandunicornz 


Literally one of the best books I have ever read on Wattpad. Not even joking! 

I have never been as excited to see someone update like I was with this book. It's amazing from the writing to the plot.

I've read a bunch of books on Wattpad and this is by far one of my favourites! I love it so much! I always got so excited when I would get the notification for a new update. It made me so happy! :)

This book is AWESOME! I really love it, from the plot to the personalities. This one is one of the BEST books I've read :)

So much action it keeps the readers reading ;)

toots089 toots089 2 days ago
                              January 21
                              12:00 .A.M.(Bouts To Eat The Booty)
Ariella_In_LUV Ariella_In_LUV 16 hours ago
Did it happen to be Bella Swan? sorry sorry in 6th grade I was twighlight trash
Bunice_12 Bunice_12 5 days ago
Reminds me of the Tightly Knit Series.😁 Eleanor Ross was the main character
Ariella_In_LUV Ariella_In_LUV 15 hours ago
bruh, but then he bad boy will show interest in her and he'll be all jealous and over protective and the . . . o.k I can't tell who will win but I will soon!!!!
Yes girl. Fat Amy is my favorite character on pitch perfect 😎
FairyTail_73 FairyTail_73 2 days ago
With this line you just know some unreasonable and heart-wrenching SHÎT is gonna go down