Licking the Monkey: a One Direction fanfic parody

Licking the Monkey: a One Direction fanfic parody

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Frankie Saxx By frankiesaxx Updated Mar 26, 2013

In which Harry Styles saves the world from the zombie llama apocalypse. Also: werewolf vampire star fighters, power rangers, and a 14 yo girl


I generously grant this masterpiece to the public domain. Do with it what you will. 
No need to thank me. The look on your face is thanks enough.

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ZahiraJ ZahiraJ Mar 28, 2013
Lol, you know the situation is dire when then you have to turn to harry style of all people.
frankiesaxx frankiesaxx Mar 27, 2013
@ZahiraJ Thx. I am having a hilariously good time writing it.
ItsCalledMurder_Babe ItsCalledMurder_Babe Jan 11, 2013
                              I never imagined myself reading a 1D fan fiction, but it's just so tempting xD and the cover... I died a little when I saw it.
frankiesaxx frankiesaxx Dec 20, 2012
@Nephthys_B I am making a note now. "Bananas." It is v. important to me to make sure I cover all elements necessary to good 1D fanfic.
Prisim Prisim Dec 14, 2012
Oh noes! I'm scared. Hold me Beiber wolf, you're my only comfort.