✔ smoker [ziall] ✔ - under editing

✔ smoker [ziall] ✔ - under editing

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Arooj x By AngelOfDeath1 Completed

❝You can't love me!❞

❝Wha- Why not?❞

❝Because I'm a fucking smoker Niall,❞

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by AngelOfDeath1

polish translation: https://www.wattpad.com/story/58274137-smoker-ziall-t%C5%82umaczenie-pl

french translation: http://w.tt/1U8dMhQ

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ZiallDivaVosOrtiva ZiallDivaVosOrtiva Oct 24, 2017
I wish that I could wake up whit amnesia and forget about the stupid little things
KrystalDiamound KrystalDiamound Jan 27, 2017
I only fuçk u when it's half past five the only time I ever call u mine 🎶🎶
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 May 25, 2016
Infinite time reading (jk only four-honest) Can't remember much?!? But this was my fave book when I first started reading!! Here goes something, yay!
SCLC21 SCLC21 May 20, 2016
once i saw "Fxck, Niall panted out" i already click the star to vote bc i know its a smut hahahaha.
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 May 25, 2016
Honestly, once I've been hysterically sobbing throughout the entire book!!! This is how much I luv this!
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 May 25, 2016
Nialler don't deserve this!! First you leave the band, then you leave the room! Zayn what's wrong with you, you keep leaving things behind!!