✔ smoker [ziall] ✔

✔ smoker [ziall] ✔

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Arooj x By AngelOfDeath1 Completed

❝You can't love me!❞

❝Wha- Why not?❞

❝Because I'm a fucking smoker Niall,❞

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by AngelOfDeath1

polish translation: https://www.wattpad.com/story/58274137-smoker-ziall-t%C5%82umaczenie-pl

french translation: http://w.tt/1U8dMhQ

Infinite time reading (jk only four-honest) Can't remember much?!? But this was my fave book when I first started reading!! Here goes something, yay!
SCLC21 SCLC21 May 20
once i saw "Fxck, Niall panted out" i already click the star to vote bc i know its a smut hahahaha.
Honestly, once I've been hysterically sobbing throughout the entire book!!! This is how much I luv this!
Nialler don't deserve this!! First you leave the band, then you leave the room! Zayn what's wrong with you, you keep leaving things behind!!
I started up checking if I didn't click on the wrong chapter but...
Prisci08 Prisci08 Oct 30, 2015
Watch him come back tomorrow and Niall is gonna be like YEET NO BIH