Blind Alpha Female

Blind Alpha Female

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gangsterbabe13 By gangsterbabe13 Updated Nov 28, 2017

*Going through editing*

Carly Johnson a female blind Alpha.

Just the name alone can bring shivers to your spine.  

She's ruthless,  fearless and stunning. 

Just a mere human boy might be able to change her icy interior and cold heart.  

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*Dedicated editor: Josien123*
*All covers made by me*

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cycaitlin cycaitlin Dec 18, 2017
I'm really sorry but when I see the name Carly Johnson, I have the vibes of a girl, friendly, awkward but a leader whom is respected. Ya sorry I just erm Hi don't take offense
cambrave18 cambrave18 Feb 08, 2016
Its so horribly sad that the last things she ever sees is her father and mother dead on the battle field 😥
IAmPotatoWriter IAmPotatoWriter Jun 07, 2016
Wow the last thing she saw was her parents death. That I could not even handle that I'd prolly kill myself not even joking
gangsterbabe13 gangsterbabe13 Sep 06, 2015
I'm glad you like the story! It means a lot to me that you've checked out my book. I'm still writing the next chapter and hopefully I will upload it soon.