The Stolen Memory | #Wattys2016

The Stolen Memory | #Wattys2016

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_cuckingfrazy_ By _cuckingfrazy_ Updated Aug 29

"Love Leaves A Memory That No One Can Steal."

Destiny Cruz, who always had a sarcastic comment ready for you and could talk non-stop to anyone, was quite an introvert now. What happened? What changed her? One Answer: Tyler Ross, the guy who once was Destiny's boyfriend and everything, shattered her completely.

6 months had past since their breakup and his departure that left Destiny depressed. Though, she was still stuck on him and would have given anything to forget him. And her wish came true when one night, she had an accident and later forgot every event of the past 2 years.

Now, it's 3 months after the accident and she's still not able to revive her memory. So, she decides to forget about the blank slot in her memory and be content with what her parents and best friend told her. But what she doesn't know is that one day, she'll bump into Tyler Ross again (a complete stranger to her now) and will be yet again forced to rediscover her stolen memory!

Highest Rank- #26 on Teen Fiction

Cover by @xDemonsFlowerx
Disclaimer: This story is not depressing at all! Trust me, It will be fun. Do give a try! :)
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I havent even started the book and know it will be amazing! The blurb is really really good! Like i was reaing another bk and this was in suggestions again and again. Loving he cover I clicked on it and I am lad I did. If the story is as good as the blurb then u rock!
Though I haven't started I have already fallen for the plot!