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Luigi_Girl By Luigi_Girl Updated Mar 01, 2015

A few years ago,i was putting my friends daughter to bed for the night.She was about 3 at the time,and she was fighting going to sleep.She asked me why she had to go to bed,and i said "because its late and its time for little girls to get a good nights rest".She then pointed at nothing across the room and said "what about that girl?"

Im only reading this because of the cover. Clearly don't understand to not judge a book by its cover here
social_introvert1 social_introvert1 Oct 16, 2016
My friend  I'm 3 years older she said this before found out later she had imaginary friends
TwentyOneCupcake TwentyOneCupcake Aug 25, 2016
Dude my baby sister she fights going to sleep and when she's in her crib I can hear her talking from the other room and my dad says she does it to go to sleep but now I'm kinda freaked out because I always feel watched and now I know that I could be right, my crap trailer could legit be haunted
AlyssaTheInfoBroker AlyssaTheInfoBroker Oct 13, 2016
I did that when I was little, of course my perception was a lot stronger back then and ghosts had phisical form. Now their just shadows to me ╮(─▽─)╭
SilverDawn101 SilverDawn101 Jun 29, 2016
Really young children can see supernatural things. All of us, from our birth, our third eye was opened. But, it slowly closed while we aged because we weren't practicing or training it...
KngDynasty KngDynasty Oct 12, 2016
I would have called my firmed and been like "bitch come get to child"