Emerald Light (Midorima Shintaro x Reader)

Emerald Light (Midorima Shintaro x Reader)

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greentofu11 By Ka-Chan11 Updated Jul 09, 2017

Generation of Miracles and The Phantom Sixth Man are known as the strongest basketball players of all. That's what all people thinks. Until one day a girl came to Teiko Junior High. She's a childhood friend of one of The Generation of Miracles, the shooting guard, Midorima Shintaro. And also, his basketball teacher. And her skills was beyond all of the miracles.

But what happen if fate brought her and Midorima together again after a very long time?

What happen if the bond between them started to fall apart? And she couldn't do anything to prevent the worst possibilites.

What happen if a "promise" is the only thing that's left to a happy ending?

Can everything comes back to normal?

Or even become worse?



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MinCh3rii MinCh3rii Apr 30, 2017
Midorima: *Breathes*
I WAS LIKE DIS! in my first day of high school lol
                              but it was not an attendance based crap, so i is fine
IsNotAboutHe IsNotAboutHe Aug 29, 2016
Haru... So, Haru... Do you ran away of Rin, change your sex, and became a teacher?
                              I thought that the sensei is a girl... Is it, no?
                              I'm sure that my times verbs are bad, but my English is not perfect yet (?
Justawe2ome Justawe2ome Aug 24, 2016
Damn, I thought I will like the story, it's pretty good, but I actually don't like the main character to have No name😑😑
                              Its better if it has a name tho
Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix Jan 04, 2017
So... Haru? You changed your gender and ran away from Rin and Became a teacher. Your  a transgender?
                              I don't have anything against transgenders! !
IsNotAboutHe IsNotAboutHe Aug 29, 2016
I'm tired of read in English... But is quite interesting, so I'm gonna to go to the next chapter