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Period Problems

Period Problems

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楊真珠/Anne/柳川 真珠 By Crimson_Labyrinth Updated Oct 24, 2015

Book title says it all.

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Priscilaxox Priscilaxox Aug 28, 2016
I've never had acne or a pimple and I've gotten my period and I also don't get cramps on my period :)
HRL121 HRL121 Feb 17, 2016
I have acne every single freaking day all over my forehead and it sucks
gerarbage gerarbage Mar 22, 2016
And then you try to cover it with makeup. 1. Makes it worse cuz you forget to take it off later then get it everywhere and then end up with mAJOR acne 2. It just conceals the redness. That's all it does.
lizelol lizelol Jun 08, 2016
When I was on my period for the first time I was in bed and I had a blood nose. I looked like I was in a horror movie. And I guess you could say I was bleeding at 2 places.
IlluminatiMary IlluminatiMary Jul 29, 2016
I'm currently on my period first day (4th period) but I don't break out with it xP maybe it's just me
G_Weaslette16 G_Weaslette16 Jun 21, 2016
I got my period right the day before my school field trip to Knotts berry farm but I had fun though going on all the rides