Marry Me

Marry Me

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TJ By lil_daisy Updated Mar 12, 2017


Now 25 years old Jessica is returning from Africa to Seattle after 3 years.
There, she experienced new friendships, hard work and most importantly, she decided her residency will be Pediatrics, while her best friend, Hannah will study Neurology. 
Will different studies break appart unbreakable friendship between those two?

Did her Latin professor and boyfriend, Mike Dupont, now director of Dupont Company forgot about her? Or does he wait patiently for her? Will Jessica be able to forgive one more secret or will they end for good this time?

What changed since she left her home? 

Read to find out in Marry Me.
Marry Me is a sequel to Teach Me.
I hope you will love this book like you loved Teach Me.

Enjoy ;)
Truly yours, TJ