Liam Payne. Yes Daddy

Liam Payne. Yes Daddy

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JustATeenager By YouGuysRuinedMe Updated Sep 06, 2015

I was currently knocking on the door of Andreas house, we made plans for me to stay over for the weekend. With my duffel bag thrown over my should, the door opened. There stood Liam Payne. Andreas dad. Her fucking hot dad. He was only 34. Only 16 years older than me. 

"Hello there Ash. Andreas in the shower, she'll be down in a minute, come on in"  He said stepping aside. 

I walked in and sat on the couch. I mean I haven't been over in about three years. I just moved back home, and boy was I glad. 

"You've grown up Ash" Liam spoke, breaking the silence. I smiled at him, earning one back. He was making me melt without even knowing it. I figited around. 

"Yeah, thankfully " I chuckled. 

His eyes went up and down my body, I glanced at the tv, hopefully He didn't notice, that I noticed. 

"You've got a nice house. Where's Mrs.Payne? " I asked. 

"Mmm that's no longer Mrs. Payne love. She's gone. She cheated on me" He said. 

She cheated on him.. He was pure perfection.. what in t...

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Abi4baer Abi4baer Jul 23, 2017
No. I just came here to rub your chest, and watch you sleep. Like a crazy person.😒😐
pinkmintkay pinkmintkay Jan 24, 2018
you're forgetting about a shower,  and to put the swimsuit somewhere so that it can dry,  and you prolly smell like clorene...