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Scarred By Fire (Ace x Reader) One Piece Fanfic

Scarred By Fire (Ace x Reader) One Piece Fanfic

44K Reads 1.7K Votes 18 Part Story
GidgetDidget By GidgetDidget Completed

(Ace x Female Reader)

The only thing you can remember is fire and lots of it, you also remember a large scary looking man who was controlling the flames with his bare hands. A fire fire Devil Fruit User as many people have told you.
You grew up in a harsh cruel world, scarred with a surprisingly small scorch mark that was from the back of your neck reaching to the right side of your neck.
But one fateful day you came across another Fire fire Devil Fruit User.
You also have a trick up you sleeve being a Devil Fruit User yourself.
You meet this person terrified that the man you faintly remember years ago is then same person, who you believe has come back to finish you off. But will this discovery lead elsewhere??

jaded_panda jaded_panda Jul 03, 2016
It's only the first chapter and I love it! You can't find that many good fan fiction authors these days
aiyanax aiyanax Apr 08, 2016
oh well, since I just saw Ace's death about a week ago, I can't read an Ace fanfic without crying a little. IT'S JUST SO SAADD T^T
Queen_Chael Queen_Chael Dec 14, 2016
Why the hell am I do weak???!!!😭😭😭😂😂😂 Btw, this is 2nd
ShirtlessAndProud ShirtlessAndProud Jan 01, 2016
The story is great and its written like a professionel auther :)
Laciie Laciie Jul 06, 2015
Easy. Just let her lay there. 
                              Alone. On the Floor. In the dark.
                              Such a gentleman xDD
Laciie Laciie Jul 06, 2015
we all should have learned that seastone is NEVER a good idea