BADDIE (Editing)

BADDIE (Editing)

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💋 By LadyxLike Updated Jan 25

Leilani is a 17 year old, foster child, senior, and a Stripper. 

Don't judge her foster parents doesn't do a damn thang for her. She works to survive. 

What will happen when Chris a 18 year bad boy "meets" her in class? 

She knows his ways and wants nothing to do with him. What will happen when their teacher signs them up for a very different class assignment?

This story contains 
Violence, Explicit Language, and Sexual Content. 
⚠️You've Been Warned⚠️

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All Rights Reserved @LadyxLike

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JazzyLovenomore JazzyLovenomore Sep 06, 2016
I swear she messed with the wrong one wait until one of breezy  fans see her they gonna whoop her ass
KaylaODK KaylaODK Sep 06, 2016
We understand how strongly you feel and everything but can you hit us with that update though ? 🤔
Indiaharris123 Indiaharris123 Sep 08, 2016
I was so ready to go to cali and punch tf out of her bummy ass
og_breezy og_breezy Sep 07, 2016
Highkey pissed me tf off tryna send my husband to jail this biotch done got me ready to fight the next white person I see 😤😤